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    The Great Lakes Alliance (GLA), is a US Club Soccer sanctioned regional league providing competition from a wide variety of cities throughout Ohio, Western PA and Western NY with convenient travel. 

    Cooperation among soccer clubs is an absolute necessity in today's world of premier youth soccer. GLA club and league directors have joined together to build a better environment for their clubs, their players, and their families.  

    GLA_NPL Update

    By Staff 05/18/2020, 4:15pm EDT

    As we await guidance from each state's Department of Health, we are suspending all activities through at least May 31st.

    The State of Ohio has granted permission for no-contact or limited-contact sports leagues such as golf or softball to resume May 26. Working groups are still hammering out guidance for soccer. We are hoping to hear something shortly. We are monitoring Indiana, Pennsylvania and New York as well.

    We are still optimistic that we will be able to resume playing some time in June and July.

    GLA_NPL Update

    By Staff 04/16/2020, 7:15pm EDT

    As our Governor told us today, Ohio will begin opening some businesses on May 1st. We do not expect that we will be one of the first to resume activities, however, we are optimistic that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. We are suspending GLA_NPL activities until May 15th.  

    As we have stated previously, as long as we are given the okay from the State's Departments of Health, we plan on playing throughout June into July with the PLA Playoffs being held July 11-12. 

    We should have a better idea of where things stand by May 1st. 
    Stay safe and we hope to see you on the field very soon

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