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    The Great Lakes Alliance (GLA), is a US Club Soccer sanctioned regional league providing competition from a wide variety of cities throughout Ohio, Western PA and Western NY with convenient travel. 

    Cooperation among soccer clubs is an absolute necessity in today's world of premier youth soccer. GLA club and league directors have joined together to build a better environment for their clubs, their players, and their families.  

    15U-19U Scheduling Meeting

    By Staff 10/12/2020, 10:30am EDT

    We want to thank everyone who participated in yesterday's scheduling  meeting. It was great to see everyone. We also want to thank everyone for their social distancing and mask wearing so that the meeting could be held safely.

    Thank you!

    By Staff 10/07/2020, 9:00am EDT

    We would like to thank all of our @gla_npl clubs for their help and cooperation. Moving an event as large as the Fall crossovers from one state to another in 15 days was no easy task. Thank you for helping make this weekend’s Erie event a success!

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